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  1. Kigami says:
    River Lune, river rising near Newbiggin, administrative county of Cumbria, historic county of Westmorland, England, and flowing 45 miles (72 km) westward and then southward to empty into the Irish Sea a few miles south of Heysham in Lancashire. .
  2. Kagazshura says:
    King Lune was a king of Archenland and the father of Prince Cor and Prince Corin. He is described as being very fat, jolly and very kind. His reign spanned many important events, including the overthrow of the White Witch in Narnia and the repulsion of a Calormen invasion led by Rabadash. King Lune was the king of Archenland for many years. His wife gave birth to Appearances: The Horse and His Boy.
  3. Gakree says:
    Lunes definition is - fits of lunacy. History and Etymology for lunes. French, plural of lune crazy whim, from Middle French, moon, crazy whim, from Latin luna.
  4. Dulkree says:
    Lune definition, anything shaped like a crescent or a half moon. See more.
  5. Samunos says:
    lune translate: moon, moon, moon. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.
  6. Kagasar says:
    Welcome to Lune. Each Lune croissant is much more than the sum of its ingredients. It is a precise balance of science and craft. It takes patience and time, and is the result of experimentation, refinement, and physical hard work.
  7. Dagar says:
    lune definition: a crescent-shaped figure on a plane or spherical surfaceOrigin of luneFrench from Classical Latin luna, the moon: see light.
  8. Mauzahn says:
    The Lune is an independent publisher of poetry, poetics and translation based in Northern Colorado. Named after the “American haiku” co-invented by Jack Collom and Robert Kelly, and inspired by the sense of "poetry as correspondence"—between persons, planets, symbols, etc.—our first editio.
  9. Tegar says:
    Lune (リューネ, Ryūne) is a horned devil from Hell and part of the Runaway Spirit Squad. She is also a member and executive of Vintage. Lune has long aqua-green hair that is fashioned into a Hime-cut, along with red eyes. She wears a blude sailor outfit and a yellow tie with a lab-coat on top of it. When she went to attack Apollo in the anime, she wore a black cloak and gloves with .

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