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The Crucifixion (Conclusion)


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  1. Kagagal says:
    Jul 31,  · Crucifixion was a form of execution refined by the Romans to a precise art. It was carefully conceived to produce a slow death with maximum pain. It was a public spectacle intended to deter other would-be criminals. It was a death to be feared.
  2. Mejinn says:
    May 27,  · Finally, in my case for a revised chronology of the crucifixion week, I have assembled multiple puzzle pieces to support my belief that all of this occurred in the year AD It is my fervent hope that you, too, will put the pieces together to arrive at the same conclusion.
  3. Nim says:
    Crucifixion was designed to do more than merely kill a man. Its purpose was to humiliate him as well. The cross was intended not only to break a man's body, but also to crush and defame his spirit.
  4. Shakak says:
    Apr 10,  · Crucifixion was one of the most agonizing ways a person could be executed. It was designed to inflict on its victims a slow, painful death, potentially lasting over days. In fact, the word excruciating means “out of crucifying.” It would be bad enough if it stopped there but this form of punishment was also humiliating.
  5. Memuro says:
    The Crucifixion is enacted in front of the crenellated wall of the city of Jerusalem. The cross is flanked above by four fluttering angels, three of whom collect the blood that flows from the wounds in Christ’s hands and side. To the left of the Cross, the Holy Women, a compact group, support the swooning Mary, mother of Jesus.
  6. Nikomuro says:
    In conclusion for this article on The Crucifixion Allegory Part 2, although the above analogies are somewhat complex to fully absorb straight away, it is intended to show that what happens cosmically is a reflection of what is going on inside of us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  7. Bragar says:
    Nov 27,  · Spiritually, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ signals the fulfillment of a number of unnatural milestones. Without the cross, Gentiles would remain without God and Christ in the world up to today (Galatians ). The cross enables us to obtain the Promise of the Father (the Holy Ghost) and salvation. The Jews had direct access to God by faith.
  8. Momi says:
    The death of Jesus of Nazareth after only three hours on the cross probably occurred because blood loss from his previous scourging may have resulted in shock and compounded breathing difficulties.

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